Dear Son,

Some pearls I wanted to hand down……..

Own a good suit and don’t be afraid to wear it.

Make good choices and know there are consequences.


Own a good suit and tie and don’t be afraid to wear it.
Make good choices and know there are consequences.
Respect women.
Respect yourself.
Respect your mates.
Be loyal in your friendships.
Stand up for yourself and those you love.
Have fun with the boys.
Don’t be afraid of commitment.
Be romantic and spontaneous.
Laugh and keep a sense of humour. Smile a lot. Have fun.
Open doors, pull out chairs, and pay for your date first time around.
Tell a woman she is beautiful and sexy. Bring a woman flowers.
When you are invited to someone’s house, never turn up empty handed.
Learn to clean and cook.
Be in touch with your emotions. Communicate well.
Be physical and take care of your health. Respect your body.
Be open to change.
Be honest with yourself and others.
Be confident. Believe in yourself. Have faith. Trust the timing of the universe.
Be positive.
Take risks.
Do not be fearful.
Listen to others.
Be kind.
Change nappies.
Be financially secure.
Be charitable.
Own your own home.
Do what makes you happy without hurting others.
Don’t be afraid of the doctor.
Look people in the eyes when you talk to them and shake their hand.
Work hard but more importantly work smart.
Dream big.
Live for now yet plan for tomorrow.
Let it go – don’t hang on to anger – forgive easily so you can move forward. Rise above the petty things and see the bigger picture.
Be the best you can be. Be yourself.
Don’t be afraid to say you are sorry.
Never say never.
Work out what your deal breakers are in a relationship.
Be affectionate.
Learn from your mistakes.
Remember your manners.
Listen to your heart and your intuition.
Be good to your parents. Respect your elders.
Celebrate your unique spirit.
Don’t be afraid of competition.
Work out what your gift is and how you wish to give it.
Enjoy the finer things yet appreciate life’s simple pleasures.
Love what you do – find your passion.
Don’t judge others. Never assume anything.
Learn the rules before you think you can break them.
Don’t worry about what other people think of you.
Travel a lot – learn about other cultures.
Be grateful each day.
Everytime a door shuts another one will open.
Enjoy everything in moderation.
It’s all about balance. Take time to smell the roses.

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